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......alternative therapies for a positive and healthy lifestyle

Natural Health Therapies

Natural or holistic healing uses simple processes to work with the body's own inate healing system which is at all times doing it's best to care for itself, but sometimes needs a little help. Some of the therapies used are:

Kinesiology ~ Food Intolerance testing ~ Reiki ~ Meditation ~

Kinesiology:Is a very simple but highly effective process to diagnose and treat a whole range of physical, nutritional and emotional problems as well as helping people improve their lives and achieve their goals (see list on home page). It can also be carried out on babies, children and animals.

Key benefits: 

  • quick identification of all the issues and root causes
  • many issues can be dealt with at the same time
  • simple and effective treatment designed to suit you
  • as the treatment is carried out during the session, the results can be felt immediately
  • simple problems can be dealt with in just one session, with more complex issues usually cleared within 3-4 sessions

Food Intolerance & Allergy testing: a very simple, non-invasive process with immediate results. Once the allergens and intolerances have been identified, a specific programme can be produced to detoxify the body and eliminate the allergens whilst re-building up the affected organs. It may also be possible to apply de-sensitizing techniques to help the body accept these once again without having the previous side effects.

Reiki Healing: An ancient Japanese healing method which clears the blockages within the body's systems. These flows can be bocked by ill health, caused by injury, emotional trauma, unresolved stress which will affect the whole of the body. A Reiki treatment will release these blockages leaving a great feeling of well being and also feeling both relaxed and energised.

Reiki Attunements: As well as Reiki healing, Reiki training (or attunements) are also available as a one day course for each stage. At level 1, you can treat family and friends and after level 2 you can set up as a Reiki therapist. Level 3 takes you to Reiki Master level enabling you to teach Reiki.

Meditation: Workshops are offered in stages with each stage consisting of 2 hours per week over a 4 week period. The techniques learned will help with relaxation, anger management, gaining confidence, to be more positive and to move forward with your own goals. It can also help you to develop more spiritually if required.